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Spell Jars

   Our gorgeous Spell Jars are carefully handcrafted by us with conscious intention using the highest quality, 100% natural; salts, herbs, spices, flowers, resins and crystals. Our tools are charged and each jar is cleansed before being filled. The contents of each Spell Jar are a symbolic representation of the spell they invoke and all of the contents are displayed on the label for your own reference. The jars are then sealed with coloured wax and further embellished with a corresponding charm. While always of the same esthetic and quality, these are lovingly handcrafted and will therefore vary in appearance from the photographs shown.

   Through the laws of attraction & protection these beautiful Spell Jars can add a magickal touch to setting your intentions and make a perfect gift for those you wish well. Spell Jars can be placed in your home or office, according to your needs, and should be used in conjunction with your own spoken or written intentions. Place your Spell Jar outside once a month on the night of the Full Moon to recharge your crystals.   


My most treasured memories of early childhood are the times I spent with my father who fostered in me a keen interest in the beauty and complexity of nature and the history of our pagan ancestor's relationship with those elements. The things that grow. The energies that flow. The connections that are all around us. 

Delving into the physical and spiritual properties of herbs and plants has been truly fascinating and it is with the greatest of pleasure that I bring to you our Spell Jars. The elements of each jar have been researched and carefully curated by me to bring you the highest quality of intentional spell products. 

Happy Casting!


Protection Spell Jar

Our Protection Spell Jars are set with the intention to defend yourself against unwanted or harmful energies that may penetrate your aura, your physical body, your loved ones, or your home. When unhelpful energies come into your space they can cause imbalances in your physical, emotional and mental states. These intrusive energies can lead to a host of issues and should be dealt with as soon as they are detected. Your own body's energy can also unknowingly attract negative energies that can cause you harm. Learning to manifest your own "bubble" of protection is fundamental to all other practices that you perform. Protection jars are usually placed at the entrances to your home but can also be placed in windows for additional protection. Sealed with black wax, a pentacle charm and Amethyst crystal. 

Money Spell Jar

Our Money Spell Jars are set with the intention to invite powerful changes into your life, attract good fortune and increase abundance & prosperity in all forms. This beautiful jar should be kept somewhere where you will see it every day, in your home or office depending on your intention.  As with all our spell jars, this Money Spell Jar can be used as part of your regular rituals. Write your intention on a scroll or Bay Leaf, light a green  candle and slowly burn your words to set your intention. Alternatively burn in cauldron with abundance incense while chanting your spell. Contains a Canadian coin. Sealed with green wax with gold coloured leaf, a money charm and a Quartz crystal.

Love Spell Jar

Our Love Spell Jars are set with the intention to nurture your spirit, raise your awareness, release your inner beauty and promote mindfulness and purpose in all forms of love. Self-love. Romantic Love. Friendships. The herbs, spices, botanicals & resins are all attuned to love and will act as a focal point to manifest your intentions. Promoting positive vibrations that others will be drawn to. 

For Romantic love use with a red candle and place in your bedroom or another intimate area of your home where love can flow freely. For essential Self-love and relationship rituals, use a pink candle and place the jar where you will frequently see  it throughout the day to reaffirm your intentions. Sealed with pink wax and adorned with a love charm and Rose Quartz crystal.


Grounding Spell Jar

Our Grounding Spell Jars are set with the intention to bring your consciousness back to a physical level. Grounding is key to internal peace, and the ability to learn and grow from your past will help to improve your future. The contents of this jar promote calm emotions, free of negativity, in order to establish balance and clarity. Manifesting your intent to let go of the 'noise' around you will keep you in the present and help to reorient you to the here-and-now. To reality. The jar comes sealed with a deep brown wax to intensify the frequency of the grounding energy. Decorated with, Hematite, a grounding stone that enhances memory and Turquoise, an excellent grounding stone that also favors healthy communication, loyalty, friendship , protection and healing. It can be used with grounding techniques to banish unwanted memories and negative or challenging emotions. Finished off with a pentacle charm.

Cleansing Spell Jar

Our Cleansing Spell Jars are set with the intention to cleans, purify and promote spiritual opening. They contains Hyssop, a wonderful herb for physical cleansing and purging negative and evil  energies. These jars may be used as part of a daily routine to cleanse away that which would hold you back from your true authentic self  or as part of more elaborate group banishing and purification rituals, prior to casting a circle. They are sealed in white wax with a solar charm and scroll to set your intentions. The scroll can be kept with the spell jar or burnt, as you wish.

Wisdom Spell Jar

Our Wisdom Spell Jars are set with the intention to increase personal power, dispel darkness and fear, to strengthen your will and resolve and to aid in your ability to handle difficult situation. To restore your sense of well-being and keep  your mind cognizant of the line between superstition and the realities of magick. To aid in strengthen your psychic powers while at the same time grounding you to the physical level that you may see all sides clearly. The Wisdom jar is sealed with purple wax, has a solar charm and is adorned with an Acorn, the symbol for wisdom and personal power, as well as Labradorite, one of the few stones that never requires cleansing. It's high vibrations raise the consciousness level.

Health Spell Jar

Our Health Spell Jars are set with the intention to remove negative energies, clear out sickness, banish bad habits, influences and all things injurious to good health. To aid in the over-all healing of mind, body and spirit. To increasing the vibrations around you in order to improve memory of the material and aid in clear thinking. To ensure peaceful, healing sleep, free from nightmares and other disturbing energies. The Health jar may be used in magical workings to provide the push needed to change your lifestyle for a healthier, more authentic self. Sealed with deep blue wax. Decorated with a pentacle charm and healing Amethyst and Turquoise crystals.

Creativity Spell Jar

Our Creativity Spell Jars are set with the intention to promote new and innovative ideas. To heighten the vibrations around you and promote intuitive opening and self expression. To bring happiness and passion to your creative process while improving memory and clear thinking. Sealed with a pale blue wax and a pentacle charm. Decorated on top with Citrine, the stone of positivity to help clarify your thoughts while dissolving negative energies, and Aquamarine, a calming stone to reduce stress and quiet the mind to aid with focus.

Fertility Spell Jar

Our Fertility Spell Jars are set with the intention to inspire fruitfulness and love, increase fertility, to manifest conception and to protect the mother & child during the pregnancy, strengthening the bonds between the two. Raspberry leaves to aid pregnant women and reduce the pain involved in pregnancy and childbirth. Flax seeds to protect against hostile magick. Apple known as the fruit of true love has long been used to honor the gods and goddesses in fertility rituals and it brings love, friendship and healing. Sealed with green wax and adorned with a charm, Carnelian to boost energy and promote confidence, happiness and physical stamina. Aquamarine also for confidence as well as serenity, attunement and communication.  Green Jade to strengthen health and improve longevity.

Courage Spell Jar

Our Courage Spell Jars are set with the intention to protect, instill courage and dispel darkness and fear. To boost strength, vitality and energy, banish the bad energies and influences, thus bring a halt to bad habits that can weigh you down mentally and physically.  To restore a sense of well-being that will elevate you from repeating negative choices. To aid in your ability to handle emergencies. Sealed with red wax, a solar charm and Amethyst for it's ability to attract spiritual energies and calm restless thoughts.

Luck Spell Jar

Our Luck Spell Jars are set with the intention to provide protection when you are out and about, enhance the positive energies around you, attracting meaningful and well favored encounters. To manifest luck. To attract and ensure a steady flow of money, both personally and in business. This Luck jar can be placed anywhere in the home that enables you to see and interact with it on a regular basis. It can also be taken with you when you travel for added adventures. Topped with green wax. and a clover charm. Aventurine, known as the stone of opportunity, to amplify your ability to focus and find creative solutions. Quartz, a power stone to aid with concentration and increase inspiration and creativity. Carnelian, an energy boosting stone, it promotes ambition, confidence and physical stamina. Tiger's Eye, for focus, alertness, clarity and to attract and maintain wealth. 

Anxiety & Emotional Stress Spell Jar

Our Anxiety & Stress Spell Jar that has been created to help those who feel that they are not leading their true, authentic life due to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or unable to cope with people and/or situations. Incorporate this jar as part of your daily mindfulness routine to help you understand the nature of your fears and focus on easing and releasing the thoughts which are making you anxious or stressed.

This jar is topped with Hematite, Carnelian & Labradorite set in pink wax with silver tree charm.  Available in Regular spell jar size and Pocket size so you are always able to access the magick!

Life Partner Spell Jar

Our Life Partner Spell Jar curated specifically to attract a new Life Partner. This is more than a manifestation for Love and should be used when you are ready and seeking to commit to the person that is right for YOU! Designed to foster deep, meaningful connections, bring love, desire, affection and friendship, enhancing communications and creating family bonds and fidelity.  Sealed with pink wax, Hematite and a silver heart charm. The Life Partner Spell Jar is available in Pocket size only so that you can perform your manifestation work regularly in a variety of locations.

Pocket Spell Jars

The Cottage Witch also has a selection of "Pocket" Spell Jars, crafted with the same ingredients & intentions so that even if you travel from home you are still protected and can continue to focus on your manifestation work.

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